Ceramics In Daily Life


Ceramics for Medical Uses

The field of ceramics covers a wide range of applications in the modern world. Different elements are added to the basic ceramic mix to create...


Art Classes For Figurine Decorating

The hectic pace of life today means people have little time to just sit and relax. Constantly going places and doing things takes up much...


Glazing Ceramic Figurines

Decorating figurines with bright colors and attention to small details has become a popular hobby for many people. After the decorating is done, a final...


The Ceramic Arts

Basic ceramics are made of clay that has been kept wet so it remains malleable. In the hands of an artist, this material can be...


Ceramics in the Home

It would seem to many that ceramics are a decorative feature of the home, but the truth is that they are essential parts of modern...


The Popularity Of Ceramic Figurines

Painted ceramic figurines are one form of art that many people use to decorate their homes. Some people collect them as sets, but others simply...

For thousands of years, ceramics have been an integral part of mankind's existence. Its reach extends from its original use as building materials for homes all the way to heat shielding for space vehicles reentering Earth's atmosphere. Few other materials can claim the wide variety of uses to which ceramics have been put in the lives of people. It lets natural light into homes through windows, keeps homes from being dark at night with glass light bulbs and makes floors easy to walk on with ceramic tiles. This material is so versatile that people even eat off it when it is fashioned into plates. It is also a highly prized material for artists.