Ceramics In Daily Life


Ceramics for Medical Uses

The field of ceramics covers a wide range of applications in the modern world. Different elements are added to the basic ceramic mix to create different finishes and textures. Machines in the field of medicine have long had ceramic casings and parts. They are smooth, easy to clean and provide enhanced features. Doctors and hospitals have long known there are many uses for ceramics in the healing process and are willing to do what works best for their patients.

There are a variety of medical uses for ceramics. Hip replacements are now being made with this versatile material. Those made with ceramics last longer than traditional metal hip replacements because the ceramic material is stronger. Valves can now be implanted in patients that are made of ceramic materials. Ceramic is an inorganic substance and the body does not reject it as easily as implants made with other materials.

Dentists have also taken the plunge into the world of ceramics. Braces have been the bane of many people who needed to get their teeth straightened. Metal braces were unsightly and many people suffered with unnecessary dental conditions rather than wear them. Today, those who need to have this process done can smile. Ceramic braces for teeth are clear and cannot be seen from even a short distance away. No one needs to ever know the process is taking place.

Hearing has been improved by the use of ceramics as well. The insides of digital hearing aids are composed of ceramic material layers. This allows the components that enhance the sounds received to be smaller and function better. Layers of ceramic are formed and then fired at high temperatures. As each layer is added, the entire piece is fired again at high temperature until all the layers necessary are added to produce these wondrous devices. As a part of modern medicine, they enhance the life of the patient without causing difficult and debilitating side effects.